Product Development & Industrial Design Services

Ideas Badge A robust design must hit all the right notes of form, fit and function. It is the foundation of any successful product development effort, and sound decisions in the design phase will yield cost reduction benefits that propagate through all subsequent phases of the product lifecycle. Design errors, conversely, will eventually require costly correction through machine retooling, field upgrades, or even product recalls.

With a comprehensive array of design and analysis capabilities, Descher Automation provides an able partner through your critical design processes, either as a turnkey solution provider or a strategic complement to your in-house resources. Our experience with manufacturing and automation allows us to monitor designs for manufacturability, and, where appropriate, parallel track the development of any necessary assembly equipment.

From Product to Production

Leveraging its complementary in-house fabrication services, Descher Automation is an able partner as your product moves from the drawing board to the shop floor. Whether as a standalone service or as an auxiliary to an ongoing development effort, Descher can champion your pilot builds, prototyping, and other design validation tasks.

Our experience with product rollouts, from a manufacturing perspective, enables us to watch for potential design issues during initial builds. If a fix is not immediately practical, we can make recommendations to smooth your ramp-up to full production launch. Where appropriate, Descher can also champion the integration of UL/CE certification into your pilot build program.

Design Development

Rapid Prototyping

Pilot Build Programs

Descher Automation deploys an assortment of rapid prototyping methodologies in support of our clients' design validation requirements. Ideal for "one-off" prototypes and limited pilot runs, rapid prototyping allows Descher to build working models of complex geometries quickly and economically, and often those models will be a full embodiment, from look and feel to kinematic functionality. As needed, we can work from your CAD models or start from a sketch and flesh out the design in-house. Our additional value-adds such as electrical and controls prototyping can greatly enhance the utility of some prototypes.

Our Clients Include:

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